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Rockland Electric a division of Consolidated Edison hired Bortech to design and build three HDD crossings under environmentally designated water channels. One being a municipal water supply reservoir.


The casing size to be pulled into the bore hole was 42" diameter HDPE Pipe. The ground formation varied from sand and clay to cobbles, boulders and red shale ledge rock. In addition to the varying ground formation. There were existing underground structures and utilities that needed to be considered and protected. A  60" Conductor casing was installed into the ground below the structures and utilities prior to drilling to protect them. In addition the bore path needed to be designed with drill radiuses less than industry standards. Bortrech utilized air hammer technology for the pilot hole as well as specially engineered down hole tooling to drill within the bore path tolerances to address the design radius. 


After the casing pipes were installed. Bortech fused and pulled in the (8)-6" Fusible PVC Electric conduits. Followed by filling the annular space with a thermal grout designed and installed by Bortech.

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