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BORTECh inc.  


BORTECH was created on the promise to provide unique design methods, innovative approaches and a superior level of personalized client service to deliver drilling resolutions for our clients who require the use of Horizontal Directional Drilling, Horizontal Down The Hole Hammer Systems and other Trenchless Technologies.

Additionally, we are dedicated to the preservation of our Earth and not only work with companies to uncover the best methods for completing their Horizontal Directional Drilling Project but to provide them with design solutions that create minimal disruption to the earth and contain all harmful hazardous materials and waste all within a time period that is manageable for the client and those affected by the process.

Knowing full well that the world around us is changing, BORTECH is working with companies to develop new means and methods for alternative Energy Recovery, including Solar, Off Shore Wind Farms , Geothermal Energy and other Sub-Terrain Energy solutions that could benefit the population by reducing our need for Fossil Fuel and other expendable resources.

Thank you for your interest in BORTECH. We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely CEO and Founder, 

Robert Titanic 


Robert Titanic

Robert A. Titanic, Jr., currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for BORTECH Company, Inc., he founded BORTECH based on a commitment to engineering and drilling excellence. Robert has served as Project Manager and Supervisor for many of BORTECH'S major domestic and international Horizontal Directional Drilling and Trenchless Technology projects and is responsible for many of the firm's new commissions.


As founder and CEO of BORTECH, he has developed a global strategy and has shaped the company into one of the world's leaders in all aspects of drilling technologies and practices. Robert is respected worldwide, not only for his thirty-year career as an engineer, but also for his inspirational leadership qualities and innovative means and methodology regarding drilling. He is highly regarded and sought after around the globe as a consultant for the Directional Drilling Industry as well as an engaging public speaker and on contemporary Horizontal Directional and Trenchless Technology.


Robert has gained degrees from the Rutgers University. Additionally, his commitment to the preservation of our planet Robert transformed the unused green space located at Bortech’s equipment housing facility into an Organic Produce Farm, located in New York’s Hudson Valley Region. Robert is currently building a greenhouse that uses geothermal properties as well as solar roof and insulated walls that are below existing grade to allow for winter season produce growth.

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