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Bortech Offers Rentals in Addition to Full Service Installations

There are many pieces to a complete horizontal DTH hammer package. And the investment is not cost effective for many contractors. This has resulted in Bortech offering a rental program with technical assistance.  We has been building systems organically for over 25 years. We know that our DTH system offers the only viable method for difficult ground formations. We have extensive knowledge and experience on when and where to employ our technology. The selection of hammer size and bit type are important factors and must be matched to the casing size and ground formation.

The Components That Make Up a DTH System

  • Hydraulic Drilling Rig

  • Diesel over hydraulic power pack 

  • DTH Hammer

  • Starter casing with wall gage to tolerance with the ring bit

  • Pilot bit, Ring bit and Weld shoe 

  • Centralizing hammer sleeve with auger flight

  • Impact absorbing auger located behind the hammer

  • Blast hole air augers

  • High pressure air compressors

  • High pressure hoses and engineered restraints  

  • Engineered pressure vessel manifold for multiple compressor applications

Bit RIng and Shoe.PNG
HAmmer Cut Away r3_edited_edited.jpg




Contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist you.

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