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National Grid Malden River Crossing River Project. BORTECH Company was contracted to install twin parallel 1,400 feet of (6) 8-inch each Fusible PVC duct banks under the Malden River.


This project was performed on a completed US EPA Brownfield site. Here the capped hydrocarbon layer was protected with a timber matt foot print and 48-inch steel casing pipes were pneumatically installed to an elevation below the hazmat layer into non -contaminated soils to isolate and prevent cross contamination of the drilling fluids. This project required the employment of drilling into and out of the casing pipe with the use of wire line steering and intercept technology. Both drills were installed with compound curves.


This project also employed one of the first annular pressure probes that recorded in real time the actual pressure that the surrounding ground formation was realizing from the drilling operations. With the soils calculations of the grounds ability to withstand a given pressure. BORTECH was able to make drilling procedural changes prior to ground fracturing.


Featured in Trenchless Technology Magazine.​

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