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Here at Bortech We Value...

For 30 years Bortech has been part of the ever advancing Trenchless Technology industry. Along the way we have worked with some of the pioneers in this industry like the Cherrington family from Sacramento, California. Martin Cherrington has been acknowledged as the pioneer of Horizontal Directional Drilling. Robert A Titanic Jr of Bortech worked on several HDD projects with personnel that were part of original Cherrington team back in the 60's. One particular project in 2005 was crossing the Guanare River in Venezuela South America. Bortech was hired by the Venezuela company PDVSA to drill and set back a pipeline away from the banks of the river. The river was eroding the foundation that supported the pipeline. Bortech was successful at the relocation and thus eliminating the probability that the river would be environmentally at risk. Bortech believes that Trenchless Technology and their selection of clients and projects are a vital part of building a more logical infrastructure system while protecting our environment. Bortech has participated in several environmentally sensitive projects. We feel that transparency and up front risk assessment and mitigation plans are vital to delivering environmentally safe, on schedule and fiscally responsible project completions. 

Bortech understands the value of the people that make up our organization. We have added skilled personnel from all regions of the country. We are a team that come together with experience and pride for themselves, our company and the industry. 

At Bortech we value our ability to truly understand the needs of our clients and provide the best fit method in achieving their project goals. We understand all aspects and nuances of the project and governing agencies that make up the pieces. 

In closing we value the safest work environment most of all. 

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